NRH Music Week took place this year on the week of the 23rd of July.  It is an annual event held each summer in the NRH where music is celebrated with lots of special performances by well-known musicians, such as Christy Moore, and talented staff members.  This year Margaret Creedon O’Shea, poet, singer and song writer, kindly travelled with her family all the way from Cork to perform a lunch time set as part of music week.  Margaret has also created a CD, “Éalú” with poem songs she wrote and performed by Cara O’Sullivan to raise vital funds for the NRH Foundation and CUH.  She presented the NRH Foundation with a donation for €980, proceeds of sales so far from her wonderful CD.  Click here for details how to purchase this CD.  We would like to thank Margaret for all her hard work creating this CD to raise funds for the NRH Foundation, to support the patients of the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) and for her amazing performances which really lifted the spirits of all the patients.