Get Your Runners on for the Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon 2021

Runners, Joggers, Strollers, Rollers….the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon 2021 will take place as a virtual event between the 1st and 10th of September 2021.

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As a member of Team Green you will receive your very own NRH Foundation t-shirt to wear on the day and an authorisation letter from the charity.

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Join Team Green and make a real impact on the lives of patients, both adults & children in the NRH.

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Event Details:

  • When: TBC - September 2021
  • Where: Create your own 10k route around your home or a nearby park, you choose your own 10K route to complete.

How to Fundraise?

STEP ONE: Create your online fundraising page.

STEP TWO: Share your page on social media, by email, test and WhatsApp with your friends, family, colleagues and clubs etc.

STEP THREE: Use your online sponsorship page to engage with your friends, family, and colleagues you would like to ask to sponsor you:

  • Share your fundraising journey
  • Share photos / videos
  • Explain why you need their support
  • Sync your running app to your page
  • What is your Story?  Your connection to the NRH?
  • Thank each person who donates

STEP FOUR: Complete the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon and share the results on your sponsorship page.

STEP FIVE: All funds raised on your online page will automatically transfer to the NRH Foundation and you will receive a formal receipt letter from the Charity.

How to Train? Meet Becky…

Becky Woods is a Paediatric Speech & Language Therapist at the NRH and in her spare time she is ‘Super Woman’!  Becky has raced on many different terrains, covering lots of distances from 800m to 20km. Since taking part in a charity cycle for the NRH Foundation in 2017 she has now gone on to complete lots of triathlons and attended specialist training camps abroad.  Becky even trained Michael, a NRH Staff Member, to get Dublin Marathon ready in 13 weeks, so he could take part and fundraise for the NRH Foundation. Whether you want to sprint or stroll or roll, here are Becky’s Top Tips to get started…

  1. Set a routine: Designate a specific time/s during your week as your workout time and think of it as a positive, not a chore! Enjoy the process of getting fit and fast!
  2. Start small! Make your first steps to training really simple that they are achievable but challenging. The key to a successful mini-marathon experience is not dramatic overnight success, it’s about creating momentum and staying consistent. Add max 10% to your runs/walk each week with the aim to be able to comfortably do 10k in training before the mini-marathon.
  3. Measure the success of all your training: Jump into a few Saturday morning park runs to feel yourself getting fitter and see the training paying off. Keep track of your progress and notice the trends. My bet is you will be getting faster and hitting your goals!
  4. Proper footwear: Go to a running specialist store to find out what is the correct runner for you.

NRH Paediatric Programme

Why Support the NRH Foundation?

We are delighted to announce Phase One of our new hospital development is now complete and open.  In mid-June 2020 the patients moved into the newly completed, long awaited, hospital development on the NRH site.  The development is purpose built, with 120 single ensuite rooms, integrated therapy services, hydrotherapy pool and sports facilities, all of which are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of those requiring complex specialist rehabilitation services.  We would not have been able to support this development without the help of our fundraisers and donors.  The funds raised each year, by our fundraisers who take part in the Women’s Mini Marathon, helps to change the lives of patients, both adults and children, in the NRH.

Who are the NRH?

The NRH is the only service of its type in the country, a fully publicly funded hospital (with no private/semi private beds), providing high quality care & treatment on the basis of clinical need.

What do the NRH do?

The NRH Dún Laoghaire is the only Hospital in Ireland providing complex medical specialist rehabilitation services for the national population.  The Hospital provides a comprehensive range of specialist rehabilitation services to children and adults who, as a result of an accident, illness or injury, require rehabilitation services in the following areas of specialty:

  • Paediatric Family Centred Rehabilitation
  • The Brain Injury Programme  (including Stroke)
  • The Spinal Injury Programme
  • Prosthetic, Orthotic and Limb Absence Rehabilitation (POLAR)

How does the NRH help?

Rehabilitation is a lifelong investment in people; it is an educational process of active change by which a person learns the knowledge and skills needed to enable them to participate meaningfully again in family and community life.  The NRH strives to minimise the impact of a person’s disability and optimise their potential, whilst also helping their families too.

For many of the children and adults in the NRH, their journey through the hospital is often at a pivotal point in their lives.  Upon arrival to the NRH, many patients will have experienced a very traumatic and often life-changing event.  Through rehabilitation they often identify the new path that they will now follow in life’s journey.

For More Training Tips:

Visit the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon website for tips on training and preparation.


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