Colleges & Universities

From charity of the year programmes, college society fundraisers to rag week, fundraising takes place in many ways through college life and can be incorporated into modules of study.  We have worked with many 3rd level students, offering support and guidance, during their fundraising activities.  Not only can fundraising be fun, it can help enhance team work, marketing and creative thinking skills while you are also giving back to the community and benefit your LinkedIn profile. Read more

Secondary Schools

Fundraising has always been a large part of secondary school life and even more so during transition year.  Charity of the year programmes and student fundraisers not only raise vital funds for the hospital but also raise awareness for the NRH.  Fundraising allows students to build on team work, communication, marketing, and creative skills, while learning about "giving back" to the community. Read more

Primary Schools

At primary school level fundraising can be introduced in lots of fun ways.  It is a great opportunity to get the whole school involved in making a difference.  It also allows the older classes the opportunity to take the lead on a fundraising event, helping them develop team work skills and creative thinking which can be taken into second level education. Read more