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Deansgrange Library Photography Exhibition 2019

Photography Exhibition by the Patients and Staff of the

National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH)

The artistic and varied collection of photographs in this exhibition were created by patients and staff who attended a photography course in the NRH, Dún Laoghaire.

These images were included in a fundraising calendar that was sold by the NRH Foundation.  New images from the photography course and art work by patients, both adult and children, in the NRH were used to create the 2018 Charity Christmas Cards.

The images from this exhibition will go on sale, once the exhibitions are compete, to raise vital funds for the hospital.  If interested please contact:

Map to the Deansgrange Library from the NRH




  • Deansgrange Library
  • January 2019


The Importance of Photography

Photography plays an important role in rehabilitation at the NRH.  It can provide an excellent platform to empower patients, by developing their personal creative skills.  It can help restore and rehabilitate a person’s level of functioning and independence in life activities following an accident, illness or injury.

At the NRH, engagement in photography promotes health and wellness.  Therapeutic art related therapy assists patients, both adults and children, in breaking barriers to verbal expression, provides opportunities for recreation, thereby increasing confidence and self-esteem, whilst also reducing stress.

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