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One Last Chance to Register…

On Monday 1st of July, at 9am, 2,500 places will go on sale along with any additional returned places from previously registered participants who can no longer take part.  To enter visit: www.kbcdublinmarathon.ie/enter-marathon then contact Fundraising@NRH.ie with your registration number and t-shirt size for your sponorship pack.

2019 will be the 40th year of the KBC Dublin Marathon.  The run takes place through the historic Georgian streets of Dublin, Ireland’s largest and capital city.  The 2019 Dublin Marathon will be taking place on Sunday October 27th 2019.  The course is largely flat and is a single lap, starting and finishing close to the City Centre.  Conditions for marathon running are ideal.


Not ready for a Marathon?

Why not take part in the Dublin Marathon Race Series and sign up for a 10K, 10 Mile and /or Half Marathon.  Click here to find out more.


Taking Part?

If you are taking part in the Dublin Marathon 2019 and would like to raise funds for the NRH Foundation, all you have to do is email your official KBC Dublin Marathon registration number, name, postal address, email and mobile number, and we will send you your authorisation letter and sponsorship cards to fundraise for the NRH Foundation. Don’t forget to send us your t-shirt size (S, M, L, XL) for your NRH Foundation Technical T-shirt to wear on the day.

NRH Foundation Paediactric Playground

Why support the NRH Foundation?

The NRH Foundation is a registered charity (CHY6750/ CRA 20013196) dedicated to raising vital for the National Rehabilitation Hospital. The NRH Foundation focuses on raising support towards specialist projects, equipment and research that will help make a direct difference to the lives of the patients, both children and adults, in the NRH, now and in the future.

Who are the NRH?

As the only service of its type in the country, the NRH are a fully publicly funded hospital (with no private beds), providing high quality care and treatment to patients on the basis of clinical need.

What does the NRH do?

The NRH is the only Hospital in Ireland providing complex medical specialist rehabilitation services for the national population. The hospital provides a comprehensive range of specialist rehabilitation services to children and adults who, as a result of an accident, illness or injury, require rehabilitation services in the following areas of specialty:

  • Paediatric Family Centred Rehabilitation
  • The Brain Injury Programme (including Stroke)
  • The Spinal Injury Programme
  • Prosthetic, Orthotic and Limb Absence Rehabilitation (POLAR)

How do we help?

Rehabilitation is a lifelong investment in people; it is an educational process of active change by which a person learns the knowledge and skills needed to enable them to participate meaningfully in family and community life. Our focus is to support the NRH to provide treatment programmes dedicated to achieving the highest, safest level of independence possible for each person following their injury or illness. The NRH strives to minimise the impact of a person’s disability and optimise their potential, while also helping their families too.


For many of the children and adults in the NRH, their journey through the NRH is often at a pivotal point in their lives. Upon arrival to the NRH, many patients will have experienced a very traumatic and often life-changing event. Through rehabilitation they often identify the new path that they will now follow in life’s journey.

The NRH Foundation would not be able to provide this vital support to the NRH without the help of your donations, fundraising and sponsored events.


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