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Hell and Back Challenge

Thanks to Hell and Back who donated two passes for the September 2018 Hell & Back event which took place in Kilruddery Estate Bray, we were able to send our two NRH Staff to complete the course to see what they thought of the event.

Avril Dillon and Emma Shortall both Occupational Therapists from the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) volunteered to take on the challenge!  Here are their thoughts on the experience;


“Many thanks for these tickets… we had a GREAT time! Although I do feel I went to ‘Hell and Back’!

We did the 7km distance, but to be honest we think it was longer. There were up to 90 obstacles I hear, including trudging across 20 meters of mud up to waist height, free – falling into a freezing lake, climbing through narrow tyres and pipe lines with aim to avoid the over – head barbed –wire.

Emma braved the 20meter mud crawl through the live electric fencing!!

Of course we had to factor in the fact we were frozen through from the get – go as the second obstacle involved a dive into the ice bath, wading through chunks of ice!

It was through great team – work, a lot of laughter and encouragement, we made it across the finish – line to wave the flag for NRH. Altogether a great experience!!

We had to wade through a lake as one of our last obstacles, so that did the laundry for us!

If we were to do it again – a bit more upper body work maybe?  I’d practice the monkey bars in my local park! The drop from the bars into the cold water on the course was too difficult! Doing the odd park run too would be helpful to get the stamina work done.

In all, it is a great laugh and I’d recommend it – to do it once anyway!”


Well done Avril and Emma on completing this challenge!

Hell & Back is a great challenge to take on, it is suitable for individuals to corporate teams. It is a social sports event where all participants help and encourage each other along the route.

If you would like to take part click here to register.

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