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Organise an EventWe would be delighted if you decided to organise an event on behalf of NRH Foundation.

Be assured that we are here to assist and support your fundraising endeavours.

Questions to ask yourself before organising your event:

  • How you are going to make your money?
  • Are you going to charge a flat-fee or ask for contributions or both?
  • What money will you have to take out of your pocket to support the event?
  • Will the event include an auction or raffle? How many people will be there?
  • How many do you think will show up?
  • Is the facility big enough?
  • Be aware of adequate set up and vacate times.

Always Remember To:

  • Plan a budget – itemise your costs
  • Be reasonable in charging people
  • Include an auction or raffle to increase profit
  • Allow people to buy raffle tickets before the event so you can target those attending and not attending
  • Ask yourself if a particular event is worth going ahead with or should you look at another option

It is Essential that you: