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Corporate Partners

There are many different ways your company and your staff can partner with the NRH Foundation. By establishing a relationship that best fits your Corporate goals and strategy, we can ensure a positive result for both the charity and your company.

Charity of the Year

The NRH would be delighted to be chosen as your nominated charity under your ‘Charity of the Year’ Programme. With your help we can continue to fund specialised equipment and projects to the benefit of our patient group in the Hospital.A company can choose to support a particular Programme within the NRH or raise funds for a particular piece of equipment, or look at a more long term investment. We would love to meet and discuss all options with you.

Please do give Edel a ring on 01 235 5280 or email her on:

Sponsorship of an event or a project

With the help of the NRH’s dedicated supporters, there are a variety of different fundraising events organised throughout the year, raising vital funds for the charity. If your company would like to become a sponsor at one of these fundraising events, please do contact us. Alternatively, if your company would like to sponsor a specific project within the NRH, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Supporting staff initiatives

This is an excellent way of harnessing creativity, uniting staff and creating an increased sense of shared purpose and team spirit. It can be a win-win arrangement, resulting in a motivated staff whilst also raising vital funds for the NRH. The NRH would be delighted to assist in whatever way possible in the development and roll-out of a staff fundraising initiative.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving offers all employees the opportunity to donate to their favourite charity directly from their gross salary, tax free. This can be facilitated through most company’s payroll system. To find out more about this facility, check with your HR department and then contact us directly on 01 235 5280 or We’d love to hear from you.

Gifts/Services in Kind

Other ways in which you can contribute directly to the charity is through direct business support to the NRH Foundation, such as supplying products for goodie bags, vouchers/gifts as raffle/event prizes, or providing services that are relevant to particular events, such as AV, entertainment and catering. All of these services/gifts in kind greatly reduce the cost of running a fundraising event, thereby ensuring that as much money as possible is raised for the direct benefit of our patient group.

Some Corporate Partners we have worked with:

The NRH Foundation is extremely grateful to all our amazing corporate sponsors and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing commitment and support.